Become a Driving Instructor

Join the team at excel Driving School

Here are a few reasons to tempt you:

1. Be a part of northern Ireland's fastest growing driving school

2.You can be your own boss, working with a family-run driving school, who will guarantee to get you your pupils.

3.If you already have your own adapted car, we can offer our brand franchise to any owner drivers. This amazing price includes our guarantee of pupils and is available to ADI’s and PDI's.

Average saving of £1300

Why Become A Driving Instructor ?

- Great career opportunities, you can diversify into many different areas i.e trailer training, HGV Training to name but a few.

-Become your own self employed boss.

-Very flexible Job, you are able to set your own hours and holidays.

-Great earning potential and an income that is reliable.

-Job satisfaction, knowing that you are passing on a life skill for life.

-Opportunity to meet new people every day.

Why choose excel?

-Excel driving school are a vibrant, modern and well established school.

-We are the fastest growing driving school in Northern Ireland

-We have great relationships with our existing instructors

-We are realistic

-We will not charge you a full franchise until we have you a set number of pupils.

Requirements in becoming an approved driving instructor:

You are required to pass 3 training sections.

What is A Trainee ADI licence?

The majority of trainee's choose this route. Dsa will issue with a trainee licence that will last for 6 months. During this peroid you will be able to enhance your skills as a PDI ( potential driving instructor). As an extra bonus this is the point from you can begin to earn a living with excel driving school.

The Direct ADI Route

This route would be less popular that availing of the trainee licence. This way is to continue your training until you are test ready thus bypassing obtaining a trainee licence.

How many attempts are you allowed to pass these exams?

You are only allowed 3 attempts to pass each part of the ADI exams.

If you do fail you are able to resist your exams 2 years on from the 1st theory exam you sat.

It is very important you choose the right school to help you achieve becoming a fully qualified driving instructor. excel driving school have teamed up with some of the best driving instructor trainers there is. We are so confident in their ability to supply the amount of quality training needed to pass all 3 parts of your training, we are giving you a money back guarantee if you don't succeed.

What do I get for my money...?

  • 300 hour syllabus including 64 hours with trainer.
  • Also, we are the only one to offer a Money back guarantee.
  • Terms and conditions for the money back guarantee.

Terms and Conditions - That: We require that all payments are up to date and made promptly when due. you complete iCoursePro as prescribed by us on both first and second cycles*. you present all completed iCourse materials upon request. you MUST have completed the DVSA testing process once and be studying iCoursePro e in your ‘second cycle’* having passed Part 1 have attended an assurance session** before your 2nd attempt at Part 2 or Part 3 of the second cycle, should you not pass on first attempt. You MUST follow the trainer’s advice always.

*Second Cycle refers restarting the DVSA process following 3 x test failures at Part 2 or Part 3. Please see DVSA regulations for further details.

** Assurance session will be with one of our Training Department heads and will be arranged if needed.

If you are unsure about or would like to discuss anything in the Terms and conditions, please contact us immediately. See our Contact Us page.

The Guarantee IS NOT in place to refund someone that simply wishes to end the course. Once the initial right to cancel period has expired, you are bound by the terms of the contract and no refund is available (except as described above).

Compare Our Price With The Rest

excel Driving School £1299

  • AA £2600
  • RED £1795
  • LDC £2345
  • BSM £2600

average saving of £1300

If you unsure about or would like to discuss anything in the Terms, please contact us immediately. 07510088664